About Us

Step into the world of Squatch Threads, where the enigmatic allure of Sasquatch inspires both our high-quality pickleball paddles and distinctive apparel. Our mission is to equip you with exceptional pickleball tools and clothing that not only perform at their best but also look your best. Embrace the legend, elevate your game, and express your unique style with Squatch Threads.

How we got started:

Jeremy has been a sports enthusiast his entire life. He enjoys playing and watching pretty much any sport. His wife, Tarah, introduced him to pickleball when they met in 2016. In 2018 they organized a pickleball tournament that sparked a ton of interest around the sport in Cedar City. Jeremy couldn't get enough of it and by 2019 he started entering into tournaments and playing more competitively. In 2020 he was recruited to start teaching the pickleball classes for Southern Utah University here in Cedar City, Utah. He was also a big advocate and consultant to help the city build the courts here. He then started the Cedar City Pickleball Leagues and Tournaments which have been a major hit for locals.
We noticed that there are many people who enjoy playing pickleball and want a nice high quality paddle, but can't afford the high price tag for name brand paddles. We did some research and went to work to find a way to get high quality paddles into the hands of players who don't want to spend large amounts of their hard earned money on a paddle. Our family really enjoys this sport and we want every family to be able to enjoy it regardless of their budget.

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